Kihon (Basics): is the technique of body movement, punches, kicks, blocks, stances and strikes. 
Kata (Form): – Sequences comprised of punches, kicks, blocks, strikes and stances. These get sequentially more difficult.

 Shitei Kata

Chosen by the examining committee on gradings. They are the mandatory kata required.

 Sentei Kata

One Kata is chosen, from 2nd Kyu to Sandan usually from Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Jion or Empi. The list grows for examinations above Sandan, and full knowledge of the katas is mandatory. These are selected by the candidate themselves, and are an essential element, and a prerequisite to successful completion of the exam.

 Tokui Kata

These are the ‘free choice kata for grades above 2nd Kyu. Chosen by the candidate themselves. Any kata may be selected.



Kumite(sparring): is working with partners in class to use and learn the applications of the basic techniques in regard to distance and timing, in a controlled environment. All Kumite (sparring) is closely supervised and under supervision by the instructor. 

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