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Since the karate season started in February every tournament entered into by IKD Karate Australia has seen all its students receive podium results. The tournaments included many regional tournaments eg. JKA/ WF Championships in Brisbane, AFMA Championships in Brisbane, May Invitationals, Queensland State Championships, NSW State Championships, Australian Open Championships and Australasian School- and University Championships.

The level of training intensity has gone up massively since the club conducted a change of affiliation in April to a newer, more professional organisation for the gain of its members. The results speek for themselves as all of our students are highly regarded among Queensland with five of our students making the Queensland  State Team this year travelling to Sydney in August to represent our state at the National Karate Championships and three of our students even making the National Squad.

Hamid Mostofizadeh, Chairman and Chiefinstructor of IKD Karate Australia, is very happy with the performance and success of his students. Hamid Mostofizadeh said: “We have conducted training all through the off season, resuming full time training in January. This training has really paid off as shown by the results our students are achieving. The change of affiliation brought a fresh breeze to the organisation and was very beneficial for the club members.”

NSW State Championships


AFMA Championshipsin Brisbane


  Queensland State Championships & May Invitationals 


Australian Open Championships and Australasian School- and
University Championships


JKA/ WF Championships in Brisbane 11/06/2017

10th World Youth Karate Cup in Umag/Croatia

Daria is getting ready for her trip to the 10th World Youth Karate Cup in Umag/Croatia. All members of IKD Australia wish Daria a great and safe trip and best of luck for the competition!

Great success at the 10th world youth cup in Umag, Croatia. Sadly no podium results for any Aussies but solid effort. Daria from IKD-Australia got through the first round in both Kata and Kumite. After three weeks in Rome, Umag and Venice it’s time to come back home.

Well come back home

IKD Australia is very proud of Daria’s success at the KARATE 1 WKF YOUTH CUP 2017 in Umag/Croatia. Daria’s persistent effort and constant dedication has payed off. Well done Daria!

Australian National Championships in Sedney 4th, 5th & 6th August 2017

Wow! What a fabulous weekend we had!
It hailed medals for our karate kids at the AKF National Championships 2017.
Well done to David, Daria, Dustin, Delara and Diba for bringing home 6 medals!

It was the first Nationals for Diba and she won several rounds in kata and won the bronze medal.

Delara fought hard as always and won the bronze medal in kumite.

Dustin’s kumite pool was huge with over 20 people. Dustin fought his heart out and gave everything, lost by judge decision in the finals of his pool, fought then for third place and won with an amazing head kick placed in the last 15 secs. Bronze for Dustin, very well deserved!

And Daria brought home a swag of medals as usual:
Gold for team kata, silver for team kumite and bronze for kumite.

But the biggest job was done by Damine and Dana. They were the cutest, most cheery and supportive sisters a karate kid could possibly have. It was their fourth Nationals already! And how lucky we are to have beautiful Dana as our mascot who always travels with us and brings us heaps of luck!

It was great to catch up with all our karate families and friends! A special thank you goes to our karate friends from Noosa and Brisbane for your unwavering support and for always believing in us!

Congratulations to our Queensland Team Kata Female Cadet/ Junior Team
Daria, Celina and Senna who won again the gold medal at the AKF National Championships, the second year in a row!

You made again an excellent team, worked well together, had great timing and your Bunkai was great to watch! Great performance well deserved!

  • Sydney here we come! Good luck everyone at the AKF National Karate Championships!
Queensland school championships
Had a great day in Noosa at the Queensland school championships. A great tournament, well organised by Brian Sensei and Nauria- as always. Thanks heaps!
David, Daria, Dustin and Jethro represented St Patrick’s College Gympie very well and made it to become the runner ups.
Delara, Diba and Damine represented St Patrick’s Primary School Gympie with all their heart and placed 5th. It hailed 10 medals.
So proud of you, kids. So well done.

Christmas gathering and break up
What a fantastic day we all had at our christmas gathering and break up party today(9th of December)!
Our first christmas party as IKD Australia!
Thank you everyone for coming along!

We celebrated the marvellous year we had with lots of fun, a giant waterslide and a jumping castle. The kids had so much energy and we all enjoyed the day thoroughly.

Congratulations to Jethro, Sean and Cody who were awarded the Dedication award, Persistence award and the award of the Most Improved! Well done and well deserved! Keep up the good work.

A huge thank you goes to Bree and Rob for organising the party! Everyone enjoyed it heaps.


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