International Karate Daigaku Australia

– Duties, responsibilities, schedule of fees, and affiliation requirements:

IKD Australia dutie Internationals & responsibilities:

  1. Organise the annual technical seminar and annual dan grading examination.
  2. Maintain database of registered IKD black belts in Australia which will form the IKD Dan register.
  3. Submit registration/renewal fees to IKD headquarters.
  4. Send out the certificates/IDs that are issued from IKD headquarters.
  5. Maintain a register of certified instructors and examiners.
  6. Invite our Chief Instructor to do a technical course.
  7. Maintain a register of certified referees and judges (both IKD and AKF qualifications).
  8. Pre-approve new dojo/region registration prior to the Chief Instructor’s approval.
  9. Where possible – organise IKD National Championships.

Dojo affiliation requirements:

  1. Each dojo will be registered as an independent dojo.
  2. Each dojo is responsible for their own insurance requirements.
  3. Each dojo is responsible for registering their dojo with the AKF, and their respective state body.
  4. All students will represent the IKD brand when competing or attending to any events.
  5. All dojo heads must be a registered IKD instructor and a certified examiner (kyu grade examiner as a minimum).
  6. Submit a list of all black belts to IKD-Australia. Further, each black belt registration/renewal fee must be paid and be up to date.
  7. Instructors must attend the annual technical seminar, specifically the dojo head.
  8. Kyu grading: Each dojo is responsible for providing kyu certificates and books, and for grading the students. Certificates and grading books can be obtained from IKD-Australia. There is a small charge per student per grading report submitted to IKD-Australia. This will cover the issuance of certificates, grading books and administration costs for updating the kyu grade register.
  9. Grading curriculum
    The dojo owner must follow the grading curriculum set by International Karate Daigaku headquarters. More importantly, dan grading requirements are      not negotiable and must  follow the curriculum set by IKD Australia or International Karate Daigaku (IKD).
  10. Support IKD events where possible.

Please contact: for:

  1. Annual dojo registration
  2. 1st kyu/dan registration
  3. Dan renewal
  4. Dan grading- fee is set by International Karate Daigaku.
  5. IKD examiner certification – fee is set by International Karate Daigaku headquarters (IKD).
Upcoming Events
  • 19/02/2018 3:30 pmTraining Time @ Gympie Dojo
  • 21/02/2018 3:30 pmTraining Time @ Gympie Dojo
  • 23/02/2018 3:30 pmTraining Time @ Gympie Dojo
  • 24/02/2018QKA Events Table Official/Marshal course
  • 25/02/2018AFMA Tournament "Elite Youth Competition"
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